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Float Tank

Float Cabin


The float pod is the most common float tank you will see. You have the ability to close the lid fully (recommended) or leave it partially and/or fully open. Light and audio controls inside the pod give you full control over your experience. The pod is specifically designed to maintain a perfect balance of air and water temperature using passive airflow to keep the session totally senseless. The pod is near 8 feet long and 4.5 feet tall, so when laying in the water, it a far more expansive than what meets the eye.

The Float Cabin is slightly longer the pod, so we typically recommend anyone over the height of 6'2" to use the Cabin rather than the pod. Visually, some guests prefer to float in the cabin for their first experience floating as it is 7 feet tall inside and you don't need to worry about pulling a lid down over your head and feeling "confined."  Rest assured though, both the tank and the cabin have all the same technology for the same great experience!

1000 Lbs USP Epsom Salt

Is dissolved in each tank. This amount of salt is about 10% more dense than the Dead Sea, allowing any body to float, effortlessly, while laying down in the water. Zero Gravity has a tremendous impact on relieving pressure on the back and joints, and the MgSO4 (Epsom Salt) 







Lightless and Soundless

The idea of Sensory Deprivation is to block out, or remove all sensory input. This includes light and sound. Although these are both optional throughout the entire float experience, we encourage you to try turning them both off to allow your mind the ultimate disconnect and a better chance of reaching the Theta State. 

Zero Gravity

The Epsom Salt water solution is so concentrated that it allows your body to float like a cork in the water, negating the effects of gravity. This has a dramatic effect on your body, primarily your back, to allow natural realignment and extreme relaxation for your body. 


While in the Float Tank, you are removing yourself from the outside world. This allows your mind and awareness to turn inward, which is something we often neglect or don't put much attention towards on a daily basis. 


How is the water kept clean?


Our guests shower before and after each session, limiting the potential for outside contaminants. All of the water passes through our sanitation system for a minimum of 3 full circulations between guests. 

The filtration system uses UV and Ozone to sanitize the water and passes through a 1 micron bag filter to capture additional sediment that may get into the tank. The water is also treated with Hydrogen Peroxide as an added oxidizer, maximizing the sanitation effects of the Ozone. Water is measured and monitored daily to ensure standards are met!

The 1 Micron Bag filters meet sanitation guidelines for drinking water, as seen to the left, capturing the smallest potential particles possible, ensuring spotless water every time.


The density of the salt solution in the water creates a sterile environment (think of Dead Sea), however meeting Float Tank Association standards and powerful filtration built for a 20,000 gallon pool on about 300 gallons of solution ensures the highest standard of cleanliness. 

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