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Frequently Asked Questions

So, what is Float Therapy exactly?

You float like a cork in 10 inches of water with 1,000 lbs of medical grade Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate). The air and water are the same temperature as your skin (which allows your body to absorb a large amount of Magnesium) and there is zero gravity, so you won't feel a difference between the water and air after some time. You are in complete darkness (if you choose, there is a light in the pods) so you cannot see, and you won't hear anything (unless you opt for music). What you are left with is an environment where you can fully relax every single muscle in your body, and your mind has a chance to be removed from everything in the world (work, kids, electronic devices, etc). We call it the "ultimate reset button."


What are the benefits of Float Therapy?
It helps with many things and the benefits vary from person to person, but some of the main benefits are Stress Relief, Relaxation, Pain Relief (including muscle and injury recovery), Meditation, Anxiety and Depression Relief, it helps with Sleep Deprivation, Heightened Awareness and Creativity, Eliminating Unwanted Habits, Skin Ailments, etc.


How do you clean the Float water? Do you change it?

We do not change the water, we replenish it! As it is more dense than the Dead Sea, the solution itself is completely sterile, so no living organism can survive in it. We also filter the water before and after every float. This also includes a UV filter combined with Ozone and H2O2 as necessary for sterilization. Every floater does a pre-float rinse to remove and products and oils on the hair and body so everyone enters the tank as clean as possible. Lastly, we cleanse the water daily with all natural products.


How often do people normally Float?
Most people experience immediate relief after just one float, but to receive the full benefits and a full understanding of what flotation therapy can help with, it is recommended trying 3 weekly 60 or 90 minute floats.

What do I need to bring? What do I wear?

We provide all the essentials for the shower and float. We ask that you float nude for water cleanliness and comfort. You are in a private suite and it is best not to wear anything in the tank for complete sensory deprivation, and also to avoid bringing in oils, sunscreen and dirt from a swim suit. 

Provided: towel, shampoo, conditioner, soap, ear plugs, body lotion, deodorant, combs, vaseline, contact solution, blow dryer.

How do I book my appointment? 

Please use our online booking button on the tool bar that says "shop & book now". If you are a first time customer, make sure to select the First Time Float to get our intro special of $59. 

How many Floats do you have? Can more than one person go at the same time?

We have two floats (one pod and one cabin), and floating is an individual experience. If you would like to come with someone, please book times that are available at the same time. 

What is the difference between the Float Pod and the Float Cabin?

Not much! The only difference is the size. The Cabin is bigger, so for those who are 6'2" or taller, we recommend the cabin! 



How do I need to prepare for my Float?

-Avoid caffeine intake 4-5 hours before your appointment (so you are not stimulated)

-Be well hydrated 

-Have a snack or meal before your float (hunger is a powerful distraction)

-You will be showering before and after in the same room as the tank, so you may bring anything you would normally use for after your float (deodorant, face cream, hair brush, etc)

-Do NOT shave within 24 hours (your skin will sting!)

-If you wear contacts and cannot nap in them, bring a case to put them in during your float


Will my hair get wet?

Yes, we do ask that you shower here before and after your float. During the float, you will be laying down in the epsom salt water solution and your hair will be fully submerged. If you would like to avoid getting your hair wet (as much as possible), we recommend you bring a swim cap. 

What if I am claustrophobic?

Most people who are claustrophobic express little to no fear once they are inside the tank. The environment itself allows you to be relaxed and calm while inside, and floaters report that it feels like they are floating in space or on a cloud. However, if you do feel uncomfortable in any way, you have full control and are able to get out or crack the door or leave it completely open at any time.  


What if I am pregnant?

Please always consult with a physician prior to deciding to float when pregnant. Floating can relieve much of the stress and pain during pregnancy and has been reported to create a very unique relationship with a mother and her child while in a session. The water is zero gravity so there is no pressure on your body. 


Who should not float?

-Women who are heavily menstruating

-People with Epilepsy

-If you have open wounds or infectious skin conditions

-High risk and first trimester pregnancies (especially if nausea is easily triggered)

-Please wait 7 days if you have had your hair colored

-Absolutely no temporary hair dye is allowed 

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