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Green Goodness

S.E.L.F.  Program



Shifting Everything Through Lifestyle and Food



A six week program dedicated where we integrate the services provided at Transitions while guiding you through the Whole30 Program.

Hi, we are Rochelle and Dan and we are the owners of Transitions. We will be leading you through 30 days of challenging habit breaking, body cleansing, and stress relief. We put this program together to help you with the basics on nutrition, your mentality, and your overall wellness. We are certified Whole30 coaches and will be leading you through the Whole30 program as well as a few other lifestyle adjustments to optimize your health and wellness goals.

What To Expect:


30-days to a better you. Cleanse your body and mind. Learn about the basics about sleep, meditation, breathe, and the 30-day elimination food cleanse. 

Group Meetups

We will meet in a group setting during the program. Once the day before the program starts, once half way through, and once at the end! This will be a fun way for everyone to meet each other.

Movie night

Who doesn't love a good movie night? We will watch a documentary that helps us get our heads in the game every time we do the Whole30!


We will give you as much support as possible with the 30-day elimination food cleanse which includes grocery lists by store, our favorite go-to recipes, as well as menus and stack options!


Included in our program is 1 60-Min Float per week! We find that this is a very important part of the mentality of the program and allows you to find effortless relaxation and meditation.

Infrared Sauna

Included in our program is unlimited Infrared Sauna per participant. This will allow you to detox as must as you feel fit according to your needs.

1:1 check-ins

Even though this is a group program, we still want to check in with you individually to see how things are going and assist in any way we can. We want to be there for you!

Private Facebook group

We think that having people to talk to who are going through the same program is an important way to stay held accountable, ask questions, and get the support you derserve.

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Welcome to our 30-Days to Wellness Program!

We are so excited to share what we've been working on with you!

Our Background:

As owners of 3 locations of our Transitions Float Studios, we have gone through the ringer of poor diet and not putting our health and wellness first. I know I know, we own wellness centers, how on earth do we not put ourselves first? Being small business owners is a challenge, however we have learned and grown in many ways! One thing that we have done a few times now and helped family and friends through the process, is the Whole30 challenge. At first we did it together to try and get our diet back on track and do a big reset. This often translated into many facets of our lives without much extra effort such as better sleep, more energy, higher productivity and less brain fog. We swear by these 30-day resets and believe in them so much that we wanted to share them with you and offer a program surrounding it. 

What's included:

Group Meetings

Movie Night

Grocery Lists

(Trader Joe's, Kroger/Publix, & Costco specific)

Meal & Snack Menus


1 Float/Week

Unlimited Infrared Sauna Use

Email/Text Support

1:1 Zoom or Phone Check-Ins

Private Facebook Group


Individual $497

Couples $745

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