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Holiday Sale at Isolate Flotation Center in Boulder

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Biggest Sale of the Year The time is here – This is our biggest sale we’ve ever had! We have two options for your floating needs. Gift an experience instead of Just. More. Stuff. Floating is a scientific approach to relaxation. It allows the body a chance to heal itself and the mind a chance read more

Benefits of REST: Floating for Better Health

What Is REST? REST stands for Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy. It is also referred to as “floating” or “float sessions.” It involves being face up in a tank filled with 10” of water. The water itself contains magnesium sulfate, better known as Epsom salt. The amount of Epsom salt added makes the difference — 1,000 pounds of read more

Benefits of Floating

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HOW DOES FLOTATION THERAPY WORK? Deep RelaxationFloating in an environment free of stress and distractions triggers endorphin release in the brain. This has been shown to have a dramatic reduction in stress levels. Pain Relief The float tank allows the body to maintain it’s internal homeostasis. When given an environment to operate freely the body read more

Can I float while pregnant?

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Yes! You can float at Isolate Flotation Center while pregnant after your first trimester, and up to 37 weeks. We recommend that you consult your physician before floating while pregnant. Pregnancy is different for everyone and even each pregnancy is unique. However, most people will tell you pregnancy can be quite uncomfortable at times. Many read more