Waking Up in 2016: The Power of Float Tanks

Posted on January 14, 2016 Tagged: , , , ,

A week ago I spoke to a client who said he had tried to start a float center back in 2010. He reported, with great sadness, that he could never generate enough interest. “I guess everyone wasn’t ready for flotation tanks, yet…” he said. Now, only a few years later, floating has become a major trend in 2016. Floating is actually voted as one of the top wellness trends of 2016.

Mindfulness at an Icelandic Waterfall | Iceland

So why now, and not then? Articles circulate our social media streams and newspapers with talks of the world waking up. There has never been a more important time for awakened souls and healers to answer the call. The call to heal their inner worlds, and help to heal others. I also call 2016 the year of no bulls***t. This is the year that our souls won’t let us stay asleep any longer. The year that we are called to become our highest selves and seek more tools for authentic ways of being.

On my way into the center today, I met a women that worked in a crystal shop. She was knowledgable and familiar with the practice of floating. She had experienced the tanks back in the 50s when they first gained popularity. She told me a story of her cocaine dealer who dreamt of opening a float center. Upon exiting his first float, however, he saw the world in a different light. An experience he wasn’t expecting. He was a high level drug dealer with an ego the size of New York. When he got out of the tank he could no longer speak the way he was use to. Once inside the float tank, his drug dealer persona was challenged. He was challenged to be authentic. He was challenged to wake up to the realities of his life and clearly see who he really was. He was use to the facade. His ego had served a great purpose in his world of chaos, but once he entered the tank that persona begin to break down. He began to gain clarity.

It’s important to understand in the world of flotation tanks and sensory deprivation that not everyone is ready for the journey. Clarity can bring healing to the surface, and healing can be messy and uncomfortable. Doesn’t always have to be this way, but it can be. It can challenge the way you see the world and change the way you interact with others. Some seek flotation therapy to gain authenticity. Seeking to unveil their true selves and step out into the world in all their glory. To be fully in their bodies and in their hearts. To be connected to nature and mindful of the world around them. No, not everyone is ready for this, but the invitation has never been more powerful. And many are answering its call.

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