Holiday Sale at Isolate Flotation Center in Boulder

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Biggest Sale of the Year

The time is here – This is our biggest sale we’ve ever had! We have two options for your floating needs. Gift an experience instead of Just. More. Stuff.

Floating is a scientific approach to relaxation. It allows the body a chance to heal itself and the mind a chance to organize itself.

First option: Super Limited run of Holiday Sale floats – First 50 people to purchase our Holiday Special BOGO 90 Minute Float Shareable 2-Pack for the price of one 90 Minute Float ($75 for TWO FLOATS!) Perfect for gift giving. ***Limit one per person.*** Once the first 50 are sold, it’s gone. Use within 1 year (if not used within one year of purchase date the special pricing expires and will remain the purchase value.)

Second option: Purchase any Shareable 3-Pack and receive a 4th float for FREE. Either keep for yourself or gift! No limit per person.  Now through Small Business Saturday, Nov 30th!  Use within 1 year (if not used within one year of purchase date the special pricing expires and will remain the purchase value.)

60 Minute Holiday 4-Pack $150
90 Minute Holiday 4-Pack $160
2 Hours Holiday 4-Pack $225

Learn More

Learn more about the benefits of floating.

Learn more about floating and transdermal magnesium for athletic recovery.

How to find your flow state in a float tank.

Float Tanks offer Transdermal Magnesium
Two of our four float tanks are 8′ tall, 8′ long, 4.5′ wide – Big enough to fully stand up in!
There is plenty of space to stretch out and capitalize on the effects of no gravity. Gift an experience instead of simply more STUFF this holiday season.
Floating at Isolate is quite easy: You arrive at to your own private room, we provide everything that you’ll need. Put in earplugs, take a shower, step into the tank, and float effortlessly. Our float tanks are large enough to fully stand up in.

About the Author

Colleen Caron has facilitated thousands of float sessions as the Operations Manager at Isolate Flotation Center in Boulder, Colorado. She believes that in our over-stimulated culture, floating is the most accessible way to connect with the deepest parts of ourselves and tap into our potential, whatever that may individually look like. Her mission is to help as many people as possible discover the “float tank as a tool” for their own personal development. Colleen has personally used the tank to manage lifelong anxiety and depression, practice compassion, meditate and expand consciousness, boost creativity, problem solve, recover from a bike accident, and to simply rest.

New Membership Special!
Enjoy our new membership offer! One 90 Minute float per month for $50/month. Love floating more than once a month? As a member all additional floats purchased are also $50 for 90 minute sessions.