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What is a Flotation Tank?

A Flotation Tank is a large, enclosed, salt water bath designed to minimize sensory input to the brain. The water is ten inches deep with 900 lbs of epsom salt dissolved into it. This creates such buoyant water that anyone, no matter how dense or large they are, can float like a cork on top of the water.  There is virtually no gravity and the temperature of the environment is the same as the body, the tank makes it so the body has nothing to feel. The tank is completely dark and silent so there is also nothing to see, hear, smell or taste. Since the user wears nothing into the tank, lying in such a senseless environment for even a short period of time will give the user a vacation from their body, their stress, tension and their pain. This environment will also allow the user an unique and intimate experience with themselves found nowhere else.

Why Flotation Therapy?

The float tank creates a tranquil environment free of distraction and stimulus. Without the intense stimulation of our modern environment we are able to experience ourselves as pure consciousness! This experience has provided inspiration for many people to begin the journey of extreme self transformation. Along with its ability to inspire us to live life to the fullest, flotation therapy provides deep relaxation and pain relief for the mind and body. The use of a float tank has been shown to dramatically lower the stress hormone cortisol which causes anxiety, suppresses the immune system and contributes to weight gain. Stress is the number one cause of disease. When we relieve stress from our body and mind we get to experience our being at optimum health. This means a body free of pain & tension, and a clear, relaxed, focused mind. By keeping ourselves in optimum health we can meet the demands of modern life as our most expansive selves!


90 min*


60 min


*Recommended for First-Time Floaters

“My float was transcendent. I was timeless and weightless and fearless.”

– Lauren Duker

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