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Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

My float was transcendent. I was timeless and weightless and fearless. I’m not sure if I was being born or had died, but felt nourished and completely free of fear. I felt up-side down and right-side up. I had an exquisite contemplation of the void, the vastness of the universe and my belonging to it. Unexpected bubbles of astonishing well-being kept arising for the rest of the day and into the next. I would have these moments, like “Gosh, why do I feel so amazing??” Then I’d remember where I had been: somehow everywhere and nowhere all at once. I seriously cannot wait to do it again!

– Lauren Duker – Yoga Instructor and Thai Yoga Masseuse

Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

I was an isolation tank virgin before going to Isolate, and boy, what a great first time they gave me. Staff is super friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about floating. The tank room, including a private bathroom with shower, is clean and well-appointed.

Onto the float itself. I have no basis for comparison, but I felt the Samadhi tank was excellent. Completely sound-proof (even though the room faces a parking lot in a small business park), pitch-black. Water temperature is kept right at skin temp. Only had two drips, toward the end of my float. Tank itself was the perfect size for me to remain centered without touching a wall.

It’s a very personal and subjective experience, but I found floating to be blissful. You’re finding your bearings and adjusting to the sensory deprivation for the first 15-20 minutes or so, but after that your body and mind agree on a new rhythm and the experience begins. You have a couple of choices: wend your way through the mental clutter and try to work some things out, or let your consciousness drift out of you and embrace the nothingness. It really is unlike anything else you’ve ever felt, somewhere between napping, scuba diving and spacewalking.

When your time is up, an “alarm” of ambient music slowly builds through speakers in the tank. Hearing the music after 90 minutes of silence is almost euphoric; I would even be interested in listening to music during a float sometime, because the lack of other sensory input seems to heighten how you hear it. After I got out (and showered off all the salt), I was walking on air for a couple of hours. Much like when the music plays in the tank, there’s a sort of re-introduction to the elements that borders on tipsy. In the end I found the relaxation effect to be deeper than that of acupuncture, with a more pronounced feeling of happiness.

– Carrie R.

Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

At first I felt fearful and anxious. My mind began thinking about the most random stuff! Then after I was able to relax I felt a HUGE release and was able to just feel in the moment with no expectations. I am sold!

– Alisha

Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

My name is Sean Madden, I am a local Muay Thai fighter and instructor. I used the Isolation Float Tank for the first time several days before my most recent fight. Previous to my experience, I had never even heard of using a float tank for meditation and visualization purposes. I was unsure of how helpful it would be, but I can definitely say that my experience was great! It took me a few minutes to get adjusted in the tank, but shortly after that I was very calm and relaxed. I was able mentally prepare and visualize for my upcoming fight, while my body relaxed in the tank. Needless to say, I went into my fight very mentally prepared and I won as a result. I will definitely be back to use the Isolation Float Tank before my next fight!

– Sean Madden – Muay Thai Instructor and Competetor

Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

Today was my first float. It was a great experience. Ben was very knowledgable and kind. I went in feeling sad and came out smiling. I am looking forward to my next float!

– JV – Acupuncturist

Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

One of most relaxing and meditative experiences of my life. The staff is knowledgeable, kind, warm, and welcoming. The tank rooms are very nice and peaceful. The facilities to shower and change in are also very nice and clean. Can’t wait to do it again!

– Gabbi E.


Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

I am afraid of the dark – and uncomfortable with silence. As I stood there peering into the steamy depths of the chamber, I pushed through my normal anxiety and stepped into the shallow water. With the door still open, the light of the room defined the proportions of my vessel: Roughly 8 feet long, 5 ft wide, 4 ft tall with 1.5 ft of water in the bottom. The water felt soft and warm against my shins. I ducked down inside and closed the door. The air swirled around me in hot vaporous banks. A dim blue light led me down to the other end of the box, a comforting ember keeping the shadows at bay. I turned and sat in the water, feeling the buoyancy encourage me to lay down. I leaned back into the warmth and found myself floating, touching nothing but the gentle liquid around me. I reached out and turned off the light…

The box around me vanished, replaced by a blanket of darkness. I felt initial panic, but it subsided quickly as my sense of space expanded. My universe had become immense – but very simple. Only my body and warmth existed.

I heard my breath moving in and out. I felt my heart steadily beating. Every muscle and joint could be sensed. I then worked from my toes to the top of my head, attending to each tenseness or imbalance without distraction, after which I was more relaxed than I had been in months. After completing this exercise, my body also fell away leaving me alone with my thoughts and memories.

At this time in life, my mind spun chaotically – I had recently experienced a long string of life changing events in close proximity without the luxury of processing time. Far too many thoughts wrestled in my near conciousness for attention. I began working through these concerns one at a time as they arose, putting them in their needed place when done. My perception of time streched. I no longer felt the nagging tick of the clock in my head. Eventually my crackling, popping concerns calmed to a murmer. I transitioned from working out problems to revisiting memories. I travelled my internal landscape until it too fell away. Finally, all thinking became still as an immense peace wrapped around me.

I thought of nothing at all, but simply percieved the void. It blossomed, a phosporescent and intangible thing. I drifted. I sailed. Pictures, sensations, feelings, all as if from somewhere else washed over me in waves of experience. Time slowed beyond normal recognition. After many universes, I felt the tug of reality again.

This tug, embodied by a building urgent biological need, brought me through the void, back to the physical world and my comfortable warm box. I sat up and felt the world beneath me again. I slowly made my way through the mists to the door. Before opening it, I realized my eyes had been open the entire time. I closed my eyes and opened the door. I cracked first one eye, then the other, blinded by the intensity of the “outside”.

My vision adjusted to the brightness. I had been altered. I could see every texture, every color as if new to me. I noticed countless details which had escaped me prior to my journey. I showered off the salt and dressed. As I left the building, the trees danced magically in the wind, every leaf in harmony with all the others. Even the color of sunlight seemed subtly changed – deeper and more substantial. The world had become beautiful.

I intend to return to the healing womb of an Isolate Tank soon. Such a simple yet profound experience can be found in only a few places. We are fortunate to have this amazing resource at hand.

– Bryan (our first floater)

Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

Being a personal trainer and athlete my body is fully engaged all the time and float tank allows me to disengage. Floating in 700lbs of salt draws out all the toxins and fatigue from the mind and the muscles. I recommend it for all athletes or anybody with an active life style.

– Karen Boeser – Certified Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer

Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

The Isolate Floatation Center is a beautiful spa-like atmosphere inviting us to take time to deeply restore. The float is an amazing practice in surrendering and BEing allowing for homeostasis to infuse each and every cell. I found myself enjoying the practice of experiencing the impermanence of everything as I expanded into the vastness and Oneness of the cosmos. Thank you!

– Shanti Medina – Certified Yoga Therapist and Personal Trainer

Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

This was my third float and a very special one. I am a cancer patient and I have been going through treatment for a few months now. I use the tank as a type of cancer treatment. At the end of my float today I had become a white blood cell in my own body. I traveled through my veins and was catapulted into my abdomen where my tumor is located. I saw it in the distance, glowing red and black faintly, and I noticed it was shrinking! It was attached to my spleen so with my cell body I ripped it off and destroyed it. After my first float I had a scan and it showed that my tumor had shrunk! Now the tank to me is a way to be my own positive medicine!

– Justin Ehmer – Justin was cancer free 6 months after he wrote this testimonial!

Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

My first float with Isolate was a meditative, opening and soothing learning experience. Ben Gleason, owner, made me feel right at home and explained the dynamics of a float to me so that I better understood what to expect. After just a few moments of settling into the tank, I began to experience degrees of profound release. Without judgment, I felt comfortable with my own process of coming in and out of meditation. By the end of my hour and a half, I felt a significant sense of having “let go.” With repetition, I understand how therapeutic this process can be. The entire space is clean and welcoming, complete with robes, a shower, a journaling station, and yummy lotion for after your soak. A wonderful experience I recommend highly!

– Emily Powers – Yoga Instructor

Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH-MAAAAAZZ-IIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG!!! Great float this afternoon!! Water temp was perfect, everything is very clean, nice waiting area, float room is relaxing. I could go on and on. Outstanding customer service!! Ben is friendly, easygoing and relaxed. His welcoming demeanor sets the tone for a fantastic float experience! If you have never tried this, it is a MUST!! Go weightless as your stress slips away into the vapors. Let go completely and reach new levels of relaxation and clarity that you wouldn’t even imagine are possible. The icing on the cake? The PRICE!!! Best price in town, killer special for first time floaters and there’s no cutting corners here. It just doesn’t get any better than this!!! DO THIS!!! WARNING: A great float like this WILL cause a prolonged state of deep relaxation, bliss and clarity.

– Kris Kropelnicki

Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

I had never used an isolation tank before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Training jiu jitsu can be tough on the body and floating in the tank for just 45 minutes made me feel like I had slept for 24 hours! Great experience, and highly recommended to everyone.

– Ian Lieberman – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt and Instructor

Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

My first experience of the salt water deprivation tank was a mixture of peaceful relaxation, bouts of anxiety, moments of disorientation, but overall, a feeling of being weightless and fluid. The only sound was my own breathing, which made me hyperaware at times but also kept me in the moment. I enjoyed the feeling of floating in body temperature water, similar to how I would imagine floating in the air would be. I emerged an hour later with every muscle in my body relaxed and my mind calm and quiet. As an athlete, constantly training and pushing my body to extremes, this treatment helped to alleviate soreness and lessen recovery time. It also gave me the time to train my mind to be in the moment and fully aware of what my body is experiencing. I would recommend the salt water tank to all athletes in need of faster recovery and total relaxation, or anyone in need of some peace and quiet.

– Mike Tousignant – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt and Instructor

Boulder Colorado Flotation Therapy

Set and setting.. They get everything perfect. Beautiful rooms. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Nice lawn to sit on with an amazing view of the Flatirons for after you come back to earth…

– Michael M.

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