Soléo’s Float Journal #4

Posted on August 10, 2015

What happens in the tank, you ask?  Basically, what is allowed to happen in the tank is an intimate and super subtle connection with your true self. During my float this week, I was able to notice a very subtle clenching, contracting and effort in certain parts of my body… The parts of my body where I have unwanted symptoms, aches, pains and immobility.

We all have the opportunity to practice being in the feel-good state.  This requires being keenly aware of how we feel in the now moment. From there, we can choose to feel good throughout our body. That results in the energy flow of our true selves. As we be and allow our true selves to flow, everything gets better. I’m grateful for how this week’s float has increased my self-awareness, helped me stay in the SLOW & EASY zone and positively impacted my physical and mental emotional wellness.

What happens in the tank does NOT stay in the tank.

Stay floaty my friends,

Matt “Soléo” Naskrent, CPCC

Business & Personal Evolution Coach