Soléo’s Float Journal #3

Posted on August 3, 2015

gods-communication“This week’s float resulted in some important insights.  I went into the tank with the intention to gain guidance regarding some specific health and business stuff.  Not surprisingly, the tank delivered.

I’ve been challenged for decades with a body that looks fit, but doesn’t act fit.  I pull muscles very easily.  This has led to being injured regularly.  I’m not being able to do the things I want to do with my body without aggravating old injuries. ie. Dance, play volleyball and long, hot, steamy sex sessions.

Aaaaanyway, the clarity I gained is to focus on solutions that address the root cause.  For example, while massage and yoga are helpful, it’s pertinent for me to create a more deeply relaxed nervous system with somatic experiencing, cranial sacral and rolfing.  That way my muscles won’t be in a regularly contracted state.

Regarding business, I gained insight about offering a very streamlined sequence of offerings for a specific audience.  This is something I knew intellectually, but needed to be reminded of in a deep meditative experience.

Oh, and in addition to gaining 2 important insights that will save me a lot of pain and suffering… I relaxed my body and mind completely for 1.5 hours straight.
Good times.

Much Love Everyone!
Matt “Soléo” Naskrent, CPCC

Business & Personal Evolution Coach