Soléo’s Float Journal Entry #1

Posted on June 26, 2015

As a continuation of our float journal segment Soléo, Boulder Colorado based Business and Personal Evolution Coach, will be writing about his weekly float experiences so that you can get a deeper look into the benefits of floating on a regular basis. Enjoy!

“For anyone considering the flotation tank, I’d like to share my experience with floating to help you answer the question… to float or not to float?

I’m a Business & Personal Evolution Coach who has tested many methods of personal healing and development over the past 12 years.  The reason that floating is amongst my favorite self-empowerment methods is simple… it’s effectiveness.

If forming my body into the shape of an infinity sign and rolling in a straight line for a mile was as effective, I’d do it.  But it’s not.  Let’s carry on.

Many people have experienced the incredible benefits of some form of meditation.  If you haven’t, try it now…
Notice how you feel now.  Then sit down, close your eyes and shut up for 3 minutes.  Notice how you feel afterwards.

Meditation results in a relaxed nervous system.  Such is the doorway to physical, mental and emotional health as well as spiritual clarity and development.

The flotation tank is an atmosphere that supports meditation, because there is no distraction or sensation in the tank.  The air and water temp is the same as your body.  There is no sound or sight in the tank.  And you’re floating horizontally without effort.  Need I explain further?

This is a rather general report about floating.  I’m going to chronicle my more specific experiences in the float tank weekly along with the impact it has on my life.

Until soon.  Cheers to your unique journey!”

Matt “Soléo” Naskrent, CPCC

Business & Personal Evolution Coach