Hayley’s Float Journal #2

Posted on July 3, 2015

June 23rd #2

Modified by CombineZP

Before floating I was feeling immense waves of creativity pulsating through me. In fact, I wondered how I would react to lying still for 90 minutes.
I got into the tank with a large amethyst crystal and sunk into stillness. I massaged myself with the crystal and as so, songs began pouring from my being. I could not stop singing! Medicine songs, oldies, rap, beat boxing, jazz, it all was emerging.
I now feel effortlessly relaxed and deeply invigorated. I also cried for the love that I feel for my younger brother. He is my favorite human. So much gratitude for that being!
My intention going into the float tank was to purify, rejuvenate and transform and I know that occurred.

Sending loving vibrations.

Hayley Porter