The Effects of Zero Gravity on the Body

Posted on November 12, 2014

astronaut-astronomy-discovery-2156Flotation chambers have been around for a long time. When astronauts were in training, flotation chambers simulate a zero gravity environment. The health benefits associated with short term zero gravity are numerous, and now flotation chambers have become popular in spas as a way to induce natural pain relief.

Long-Term Zero Gravity Can Have Negative Effects on the Body

Zero gravity in a long-term situation such as in outer space can cause a number of problems. Muscles can shrink from lack of use, joints may begin to function poorly, and bones can decrease in mass. To counteract the negative effects of long-term exposure, scientists have developed a rigorous exercise plan for astronauts living in zero gravity for an extended period of time.

Short-Term Zero Gravity is Beneficial for the Body

Short-term zero gravity using flotation therapy has proven to be a positive experience and a natural way to reduce stress levels. Patients who have experienced a floating spa report a huge improvement in joint pain, feelings of bliss and relaxation, and the ability to heal faster from injuries.

Whether the injuries are chronic or acute, treatment in a floatation chamber will heal your body naturally, providing natural pain relief.

Stress Reduction Helps You Heal at All Levels

Flotation tank benefits are numerous, and a significant benefit to using a floatation tank is the reduction in stress. Even after one treatment, you will feel calm and relaxed. Floating in weightlessness will restore the mind and help you alleviate anxiety, all without medication.

When your stress level has been reduced, you will heal easier from injuries, and your immune system will be stronger. With a healthy immune system you will be able to fight off germs and stay healthier over the cold winter months.

The Effects of Floatation Therapy are Not Short Term

Many say that after time spent in a flotation tank, you will feel blissful. The stress reduction, the muscle relaxation and the overall feeling of well-being will stay with your for awhile. To achieve long lasting benefits from floatation therapy, it is recommended that you float regularly, especially at the beginning of your treatment.

Your overall health matters, and treatment with modalities that don’t require medication or invasive techniques should always be considered when you are dealing a chronic health condition. Flotation therapy can be used in conjunction with any other treatment, as there are no side effects except for an improvement in your health. There is no need to worry about medication interactions, and the feelings you get from one session will make you a believer in the therapy.

When you need a natural way to unwind, it’s time to consider a float tank experience.

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