Flotation Therapy: 5 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

Posted on January 5, 2016

Many clients who come to float have aspirations of losing weight, curing their depression, shifting their perspective about someone or something, achieving relaxation, accelerating the healing of an injury, for self growth, self improvement, chronic illness, the list goes on and on… We all float for our own reasons, but we don’t all reach our read more

Benefits of Float Therapy: The Cure for Writer’s Block

Posted on November 13, 2015

We walked in on a Saturday. My partner and I like unusual dates so he called to make an appointment at Isolate Flotation Center after he saw a documentary about the power of floating on VICE. Sensory deprivation tanks, capital: Boulder, Co. We are in the flotation capital of the world. When we walked in read more

Soléo’s Float Journal #4

Posted on August 10, 2015

What happens in the tank, you ask?  Basically, what is allowed to happen in the tank is an intimate and super subtle connection with your true self. During my float this week, I was able to notice a very subtle clenching, contracting and effort in certain parts of my body… The parts of my body where I read more