Joe Rogan On Flotation Tanks

Posted on May 11, 2014

Here is an awesome video taken from The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast featuring Joe’s thoughts on the benefits of the Flotation Tank and how they can improve the world. Enjoy!read more

Ottavia Bourdain On Floating

Posted on May 10, 2014

Ottavia Bourdain (Anthony Bourdain’s wife) writes an awesome testimonial about the benefits of floating. Click Here To Read Itread more

The Book Of Floating

Posted on May 10, 2014

Here is a link to the PDF version of The Book of Floating by Michael Hutchison! It is by far the most comprehensive book on floating and its benefits. Chapter sixteen “Deep Relaxation and Beyond” is really great to read before your next float. The book is out of print so now you don’t have read more

Float Tanks in Discover Magazine

Posted on May 10, 2014

Floating Away: The Science of Sensory Deprivation Therapy. An article on discover magazine’s website. Click Here To Read The Articleread more